Monday, July 4, 2011

A Border Skirmish

Over the weekend I "rolled up" a Pendragon character (5e) who I'm calling Sir Rhufon. He is a Cymric knight from the Western Marches of the Kingdom of Escavalon in southern Cambria. The whole purpose originally was to test the Pendragon skirmish rules but somehow I went through the whole character generation process (as laid out in the Book of Knights & Ladies). So anyhow Escavalon and it's neighbor Estregales really don't like each other so I used this rivalry to generate a skirmish.
The leader of Escavalon's force of Knights was a generic "Old Knight" with a Battle skill of 18. For his Tactics roll he makes a fumble and thus "grants" a -10 to the first round of combat to Sir Rhufon. I rolled a random opponent and got a  Poor Knight. I rolled a random number of battle rounds which turned out to be 2.  Since Rhufon's Lance skill is 10  he is unable to win in the first round. Luckily his armor stops the damage inflicted by his opponent.
Rhufon wheels his horse about and charges the Estregales Knight in the second round and lands a solid blow (Rhufon passes his Skill Roll, the enemy knight fails), but does not unhorse him. The recall is then sounded by the leader of the Escavalon Knights and the game ended. The Old Knight failed his Followers Fate roll and took a bad drubbing. Though Rhufon receives glory from defeating his opponent, he is still shamed by the poor showing of his comrades.

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