Saturday, July 9, 2011

Raided by Picts

Summer, 512
In mid-summer Arthur takes his army northwards to attack the King of Malahaut. Most of the fighting men of Escavalon are on campaign and, as a result, the kingdom is poorly defended. Rhufon is tardy in leaving to join his Lord's army and as he and Dinogad are about to leave a messenger from the hill tribesmen arrives with word that King Lot's army is raiding Cambria and Pictish Tribesmen have already been seen in the area.

Rhufon marshals the local defenses but soon Sir Secundus, a wise old knight, unfit for campaigning but still a wily commander, takes over the command of the Marches of northwest Escavalon and all men are armed and readied for red war.

(I used the Raiding rules from Lordly Domains to run this Raid)

Word comes that a Pict warband, nearly equal in size to Secundus' small army, has come through the hills and is approaching Rhufon's Demesne. Secundus orders a large skirmish, hoping to repel the raiders while preserving his defensive capabilities. Rhufon's forces are  well prepared  which helps him win the Battle roll. I randomly determine that 3 rounds of melee will be fought. Rhufon is Inspired by Loyalty to his Lord and gains a +10 in the fight, he is faced by a group of experienced Pict Warriors. In the initial charge he uses his lance and neatly skewers a muscular older Pict. Then, in the midst of the scrum, he draws his sword and charges the largest Pict he can see. The Northerner turns to meet the charge and uses his shield to ward off most of the damage from Rhufon's attack but so much damage is inflicted (twice his SZ) that he is knocked onto his back. The heavily tattooed Pict begins to pick himself up when Rhufon lands another, even heavier, blow. The Pict goes to his knees and begs for mercy. Rhufon makes a merciful roll and succeeds. He takes the warrior prisoner and sends him to the rear with his squire.

Meanwhile Sir Secundus has defeated and captured a Pict chieftain and the rest of the raiding party has fled back into the Northern hills.

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