One of the things I am least fond of in the newer editions of T&T is the bestiaries. So this is how the creatures in my game will be portrayed. Heavily influenced by Grail Quest, Monsters! Monsters! & Pendragon
Some creatures will be given an MR & Combat Dice  using a variation on the Monsters! Monsters! formula: MR = rolled STR, Combat Dice = STR Multiplier
Monster Charisma uses the Monsters! Monsters! scale (I paraphrase from the book): += Awe or Liking,  °= Some Fear, ?= contempt, disgust or disbelief, != Terror

Faery or Enchantment
MR: Small 34 (4d+17)/ Medium 46 (5d+23)/ Large 58 (6d+29)/ Ancient 75 (8d+38)
Combat Dice: see above
Special Damage: Small & Medium: 1/1; Large & Ancient: 1/2
Charisma: ?

MR: 6
Combat Dice: 1d+3
Special Damage: 1/1
Charisma: ?
Not your usual T&T goblin. Small, mean counterparts to Leprechauns and fairies.

MR = Player Knight’s STR x (1d3= 1-2: x¾, 3-4: x1, 5: x1.5 6:x2)
          For example Player Knight’s STR is 15,  roll is 5, so the Enemy Knight’s MR is 23
Combat Dice: See Weapon below + usual adds (i.e. half MR)
Hand Weapon: 1-3= Sword (3d+adds), 4-5= Mace (4d+adds), 6= 2-Handed Sword (5d + adds)  
Armor: Character's Armor + (1d6-1d6)
Special Damage: 1/1
Charisma: ° or +
A knight may be accompanied by one or more of the following: A Squire, A Lady, A Dwarf

MR: 36
Combat Dice: 4d+18
Special Damage:
Special Abilities: Can Fly
Charisma: !
A lesser devil straight out of Hell.

Infernal or Enchantment

MR: 3d6
Combat Dice: calculate based on the above
Special Damage: 3/ 
Special Abilities: Conjurer (Level = Character's level +(1d3-2)), WIZ=3d6 or level minimum's 
Charisma: ? 

Faery, Lordly or Enchantment

MR: 3d6 x 2
Combat Dicecalculate based on the above
Special Damage:
Special Abilities: Armor absorbs 8 points
Charisma: ? 

Enchantment (Red)
MR: 100
Combat Dice: 10d + 50
Special Damage: 3/ Call Flame
Special Abilities: Fly
Charisma: ! 

Enchantment (Blue)
MR: 80 
Combat Dice: 9d+40
Special Damage: 3/ Poison Breath
Special Abilities: Swim
Charisma: !