Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Hedge Knight

Crossroads in Fen- Mystery-Mundane (Hedge Knight)
Mystery= Mundane (Hedge Knight): Prophecy: Noble (Knight)

Late 512, Escavalon

Sir Rhufon rides alone through his domain and comes to a crossroads in a marshy area in the valley. Here he is met by a poor Hedge Knight, riding an old Rouncy and wearing Leather Armor. Rhufon prepares for the customary Joust when suddenly the air around the young knight begins to shimmer and, emerging from the rushes beside the road, a maiden appears. She walks to the young Knight placing a crown of flowers on his head. he maiden looks to Sir Rhufon and prophesies that, though seemingly humble now, he will someday be great and noble Knight who will rid the land of enemies and make the wastelands green again. She then disappears into the marsh and the shimmering light disappears.
Rhufon is overwhelmed and seeing the radded state of this young Knight takes a Merciful check and rolls a critical. Rhufon lowers his lance and invites the young knight to return with him to Rhufon's manor where he may find service as a household knight. The young man is overwhelmed by this display of kindness and accepts. His name is Sir Dinogad (and he is equipped as a Poor knight and has the stats of a young Knight.)

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