Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lothian Raid

A much larger raid by Knights of Lothian and their Pictish allies had passed through Escavalon soon after the Picts of the previous skirmish were defeated. Lord Secundus was one of many Lords to lead his local people in an attempt to harry the Lothians as they headed back north to their allies in Norgales and to exterminate in stragglers. Secundus' men (including Rhufon leading a party of spearmen and Dinogad) went into the hills on the Northern marches and found a mixed band of Lothian Knights accompanied by a band of heavily tattooed Pictish Men of Death.

The war horn was blown and the Knights of Escavalon charged the Knights of Lothian. Rhufon came up against an enemy knight who was well matched to him, but the  enemy knight's lance missed Rhufon, whereas his lance took the enemy knight full-sore below the shield and lifted the Lothian from his saddle, knocking him to the ground. [Rhufon's attack roll succeeded, the Lothian Knight's failed; then Rhufon rolled enough damage to exceed the Knight's Major Wound statistic as given in the Book of Armies, taking him out of the battle]

Rhufon's charge led him past his prostrate foe and as he wheeled to return to his foe, a very large Pict dashed forward and threw a javelin at him. The weapon was well aimed and thrown with great force. It took Rhufon below the arm and pierced him deeply. He fell from his horse and almost passed out. The Pict attempted to attack him once more but Rhufon managed to fend him off until the Lothian band was dispersed. [Rhufon had taken a major wound and then more damage when he fell from his horse; he was now Unhealthy and in need of Chirurgery]

Dinogad attempted to dress Rhufon's wounds but could do little [he Failed his First Aid roll]. A litter was prepared and he was taken back to Secundus' castle where Lady Secundus spent many weeks attempting to heal Rhufon's terrible wound. At first she did more harm than good when removing a shard of the lance-head [she Fumbled her Chirurgery roll] but soon Rhufon could return to his own Demesne, though it was another month before he was back to his old self again. He was permanently injured by the wound and thereafter walked somewhat hunched over [he lost a point of Size].

During his time at Lord Secundus' castle Rhufon made some half-hearted attempts at wooing one of Lady Secundus' younger sisters but neither he nor she was much interested and his terrible love poems were enough to end the whole affair. The first cool winds of autumn saw Rhufon mount his horse and take the road home to his Demesne and, hopefully, a peaceful Winter.


  1. Believe it or not, I gamed the wooing through solo rules in Pendragon. It seemed like a good time for a disabled Knight to get a little "randy" but neither he nor the damosel were ever anything but tepid in their interest in each other.