Traits, Spells, House Rules

Enchantress: (Trait; CHA): A semi-magical Trait that allows a female Magic using character to ensorcel another human or human-like creature (Elf, Dwarf, Giant). Takes a full combat round in which the target and his allies may not be under attack. If successful the Target is considered to be enamored with the enchantress and will, in essence be under her control. Effect lasts until Target creature sleeps; upon waking the Enchantress may roll the Trait again  as long as she is in close proximity to the target.

Jousting:(Trait; STR)(House Rule): When Jousting a Combat is considered to be "all-out". The SR used is Jousting Trait or STR. If a character fails his SR he is unhorsed and Combat follows normally. Use the HORSE'S Damage Bonus.

Pure:(Trait, CHA): When fighting otherworldly creatures, the character gains an extra combat die if he makes his SR. If he fails he may not try again until he is shriven. A character that consumates a Romance   loses his Pure Trait. A Knight who is Pure may wear White Armor.

Persuasion:(Trait; CHA):

All-Out Combat: (House Rule, sort of) This concept comes from Monsters! Monsters! A Combat may be considered "All-Out" if both characters agree. Combat dice will be rolled normally, but first each combatant makes a Level 1 DEX or STR SR. If the SR fails then the failing creature takes the full rolled damage (less Armor, of course) from his opponent. Most Knightly single combats should be resolved this way.

Hunt Rules  (House Rule)(added 6/30/2011)
(This is, essentially, Coursing)
The Hunt is divided into 3 phases: The Search, The Chase & the Kill.
The Search is a SR vs the Rarity of the animal. If wanting to randomly pick an animal an SR is made and the choice may be made from any eligible beasts from the highest level passed or lower. The roll may be modified by a hunstman who may roll a Bonus Die which may be substituted for either rolled die in the SR (and yes, you may create doubles this way). A Fumble will result in the character becoming LOST.
The Chase is undertaken next and is also a SR, this time against the Avoidance level of the quarry. The chase may be modified by the presence of a Huntsman and/or Hounds. If the SR is unsuccessful the chase may continue for as many additional rolls as it takes but increase the level by one for each successive roll after the first. A Fumble will result in the character becoming LOST.
The Kill. This is basically an All-Out combat between  the cornered creature and the hounds. Hounds and their prey do not make SRs but merely inflict the rolled damage on each other. Damage done will kill/ wound hounds reducing the packs MR each round.

Skirmishes (a la Pendragon) (house rule) (added 7/2/2011)
Leader of each character's side rolls a 1st Level SR vs Tactics Trait or Luck. Use the result to modify the character's first round attack.
Fumble: Character may not use any Adds, even his own.
Fail: Normal Combat Dice and Adds 
Pass (vs 20): +5 Adds
Pass (vs 30): +15  Adds
Determine an opponent. Run 1d3+1 rounds of combat.
Determine the result of the Skirmish by again rolling an SR vs the Leader's Tactics / LK
Fumble: Rout
Fail: Retreat 
Pass (vs 20): Victory
Spectacular Pass (vs 30): Triumph